The first in this color palette are The Essentials, based on the desire for a clean and preserved existence. A naive, minimalist, romantic and functional existence.

There is an urgent need to be transparent and fair in the use of materials, throughout the production process and in working conditions.


An inclusive and diverse fashion is sought in all aspects: a good performance of the fabric, the shape,  the durability and with knowledge of the fibers.

Attractive and versatile clothing that adapts to the attitudes that preserve and save the bioeconomy.

The woman of the 21st century is concerned about health and the effects that some garments of oppression may produce. Bra innovation is urgently needed; taking as a reference all the elements of sports bras to reinvent traditional bra.

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The possibility is opened for designers to come together and work as a team, providing knowledge, ideas and materials.

A new generation of bras is born that combine technology and charm, due to the strong demand for comfort, elasticity, breathability and health, resulting in a fusion of sport bra innovation and lightweight prettiness of lingerie.

During confinement, the best-selling garments were pajamas, which offer comfortable, timeless and quality shapes; and the new generation of bras based on the performance of the sports bra, have led to the design of light and beautiful lingerie.

There is a strong demand for refined comfort that is leading to a unique lace design, where modern comfort is combined with the most iconic elements of lingerie.

A concept of acceptance of our differences, pride in our cultural heritage and the colors of our skin has been developed.

The essential for each body has emerged in 5 different skin tones, which are the new generation shapewear.

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In summary, the pandemic situation we are experiencing has led us to focus on intensive studies in support of healthy breasts, in combination with new technologies and the use of technique in fabrics and finishes. To be tested on cross-supported fabrics and compression and overlap zones.

In addition to the seamless, invisible heat seal, the emphasis is on construction refinements, combining high technology, strength and elegance. There is a strong demand for sustainable items.

Cintas-Martell-The Colours_Skin

The perception of sweet pastel colors, especially pink, has changed, becoming defined as casual and functional in combination with exquisite fabrics and details. The new basics are now multipurpose.

New proportions appear for leisure at home. Reflections on sustainability focus on natural and cellulose yarns; and a demand for transparency in terms of durable properties is reaffirmed.

Fabrics: modal, cotton and nylon.




Plain Elastic Edging RC1861/20


Fancy Elastic Waistband CC1939/22


Basic Elastic Waistband CC1548/40


Basic Elastic Bra Strap TC1276/12


Edging Elastic Plain RC1876/6