Our win to innovate and in the current pandemic situation, from Cintas Martell we do not stop in our fight to struggle fight against the coronavirus, developing this time elastic and rigid ribbons with an antimicrobial finishing. With the efforts of our R&D Department, we have developed a new collection of anti-COVID-19 elastic tapes under the name of Martell Protect. Taking care of hand washing and the continuous use of masks and hydroalcoholic gel seem not to be enough, because the viruses continue to deposit on any surface, making their expansion possible. The new Martell Protect collection is made up of a selection of elastic tapes intended for both the medical-health sector and the textile manufacturing sector in general. This collection is made with treated yarns that inactivate all types of microbes and even viruses such as Covid-19, maintaining the elasticity and design properties of each tape without this finishing compromises its qualities. Given the great concern of our society to keep ourselves protected at all times, at Cintas Martell we want to focus our efforts on the most exposed sectors: medical and health personnel, messengers, dependents, caregivers, educators, public sector workers, etc. The Martell Protect collection is characterized by having a compound based on benzalkonium chloride, an aesthetically invaluable feature, although it is from the point of view of maximum protection and an efficiency of up to 99.98%. Its resistance is guaranteed up to 100 washes at a temperature not exceeding 40º. This compound is effective against viruses (including Covid-19), fungi, bacteria and yeasts, avoiding unpleasant smells and maintaining the hygiene of the tape and its freshness for a longer period. As they are articles made with elastic, it is recommended not to use a tumble dryer as it is used to in this type of manufacture. There is a before and after the pandemic that affects the behavior and concerns of our society. So we consider that all the articles that grant us guarantee and protection will help us cope with the consequences of the coronavirus with a little more peace of mind. With the Martell Protect collection, we intend to bring our little grain of sand in the battle against the Covid-19 virus, offering our customers the possibility of complementing their products by following the latest trends and changes in habits. The active principle used in the Martell Protect collection is approved by the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), is also registered in REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances) and is listed as an exempt compound from the substances of the SVCH list (List of substances restricted by the EU). OUR PROPOSAL:



Interfilière Paris is an international meeting place for materials, accessories and supplies for the intimate apparel, swimwear and sportswear market. The next few days from January 21 to 23, 2023 and as usual, Cintas Martell will be present at the


Rumors about the need for reinvention in the lingerie and intimate textiles sector in general have been transformed into powerful voices that shout the importance of this change finally coming to be at the level of our society. Consumers are under the influence of

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