anticelulític i reductor

During the last decade there has been a high growth in technical textiles, as research has developed more opportunities to provide fabrics, fibers and yarns with more functional characteristics. Now they can be manipulated to possess the properties necessary for their end use, and all through the appropriate selection of chemical finishes or the application of lamination and coating methods and techniques. Due to the growing market demand in reference to beauty and health treatments for the body, in Cintas Martell we offer the anti-cellulite finish for our articles, mainly applied to elastic bands for orthopedic use and elastic bands that make up the garments to practice sports, whether they are leggings, t-shirts or sports bras. Martell Protect Anti-Cellulite is a finish composed of a mixture of microencapsulated natural extracts, which gives our elastic anti-cellulite properties for the skin, helping to eliminate cellulite and preventing the formation of new adipocytes. The formulation of the active ingredient is designed from a cosmetic point of view to improve the firmness of the skin and the texture of the so-called “orange peel”. Martell Protect Anti-Cellulite is respectful with the environment, since it is based on plant extracts and vitamins of natural origin. Its active principle is released slowly thanks to its application with silicone microcapsules. The release system through microcapsules is used for active substances (natural extracts) made up of an outer membrane and a core. Its outer layer is made up of polymeric materials, in this case a wash-resistant silicone, and an inner core that contains the active material. The function of the membrane is to contain and protect the active material that constitutes the finish, and preserves it from external agents, releasing it in a controlled and gradual way during the use of the garment and with the absorption of human heat. As it is encapsulated, Martell Protect Anti-Cellulite is solid when washed, so it is advisable to wash the garments by hand to prolong its effects for longer. Martell Protect Anti-Cellulite meets the quality standards required by OEKO-TEX Standard 100. OUR PROPOSAL:


Performance Days 2024

Cintas Martell will be at the PERFORMANCE DAYS trade fair in Munich at Stand R12 – Hall C2, the ideal platform to source sustainable fabrics and accessories for sportswear, workwear, sports fashion, and athleisure collections. Since 2008, PERFORMANCE DAYS has


Interfilière Paris continues to be the international meeting point for materials, accessories, and supplies for the innerwear, swimwear, and sportswear market. From January 20th to 22nd, 2024, as is customary, Cintas Martell will be present at the International Salon de


Interfilière Paris is an international meeting place for materials, accessories and supplies for the intimate apparel, swimwear and sportswear market. The next few days from January 21 to 23, 2023 and as usual, Cintas Martell will be present at the

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