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We well know that our planet is in a state of environmental emergency, with air, water and land pollution as protagonists of our global problems.


Every year around one million tonnes of fabric are produced in Europe for the manufacturing of garments using spinning techniques in which natural fibers such as cotton or wool are combined with synthetic fibers such as polyester, polyamide or Polypropylene. These blends of natural and synthetic fibers are intended to improve the aspects related to the comfort and durability of the garments, however, recycling these fabrics at the end of their useful life is complicated, since both types of fibers are intermixed and they cannot be easily separated without the use of highly environmentally damaging products.


Companies in our sector are challenged to carry out a radical change towards innovative products with high added value to face the countdown in which we find ourselves.


At Cintas Martell we want to be an active part of a sustainable solution, that is why we are committed to degradable and biodegradable yarns and fibers with our new MARTELL BioCare line: elastics created with incorporated sustainable microfibers that will disintegrate much faster than other synthetic fibers, which reduces the risk of accumulation of textile waste in water and on land.


The main objectives of MARTELL BioCare are to obtain 100% biobased and biodegradable elastics that achieve the performance and meet the technical requirements that the sustainable textile sector demands. Indicated for applications in intimate clothing, sports, labor protection, technical, etc.


MARTELL BioCare elastics are designed to reduce the impact on the planet’s ecosystems. They are enriched with an additive that accelerates the breakdown of microfibers in oceans and landfills; allow easy dyeing and finishing; and they are soft to the touch, strong and durable. In short, more sustainable while maintaining the highest quality, durability and aesthetics.

Our proposal begins with a specific line for lingerie: the COCOONING collection. This new collection is made up of a strap, a simple edging, a folding edging and a waist; all of them in different widths and with an environmentally friendly pastel color palette.


Martell Cintes sostenibles i biodegradables BIOCARE

Basic Elastic Waistband CCB2175/35

Martell Cintes sostenibles i biodegradables BIOCARE

Fold Over Elastic Edging RCB2173/15

Martell Cintes sostenibles i biodegradables BIOCARE

Edging Elastic Plain RCB2172/6-12

Martell Cintes sostenibles i biodegradables BIOCARE

Basic Elastic Bra Strap TCB2174/18

Martell Cintes sostenibles i biodegradables BIOCARE


In addition to the wide range of technical fabrics that we can find on the market, we can also provide “extra” properties to all those fabrics that do not provide us with some of the necessary characteristics to become the final product that we have designed. And how?

The chemical sector supplies us with an infinity of finishes under which textiles can be subjected to provide them with a more functional plus. Always under the certifications authorized by the EU, many of these treatments have the appropriate composition to remain sustainable and not be harmful to the environment.

At Cintas Martell we apply one of these treatments to our tapes under the name Martell Protect Rainproof, the perfect finish for fabrics that we want to turn into pieces that prevent the passage of water, dirt or oily substances.

Martell Protect Rainproof is a finish that prevents the passage of water molecules, and provides our tapes with a non-stick surface that facilitates the removal of oils, greases or dirt in general. It also provides the product with high breathability, making it ideal for elastic tapes in sports and occupational protection garments.

Martell Protect Rainproof repels water and other liquids, helping to keep the tape always clean. It also offers greater resistance to washing, which lengthens the useful life of our tapes and improves their effectiveness.

Tapes with the Martell Protect Rainproof finish are recommended for the manufacture of sports garments mainly, because their characteristics contribute to good perspiration of the body and make sweat dry quickly.



Basic Rigid Ribbon ORT1521


Plain Elastic Monofilament and Breathable Elastic Velcro ORT1873.80


Plain Elastic Monofilament and Compact Elastic Velcro ORT1977.50


Plain Elastic Edging RC1861/20


Bicoloured Elastic Edging AL1844/16


Plain Elastic Edging AL1268/12


Fancy Fold Over Elastic Edging 8015


Plain Elastic Edging 31093



During the last decade there has been a high growth in technical textiles, as research has developed more opportunities to provide fabrics, fibers and yarns with more functional characteristics. Now they can be manipulated to possess the properties necessary for their end use, and all through the appropriate selection of chemical finishes or the application of lamination and coating methods and techniques.

Due to the growing market demand in reference to beauty and health treatments for the body, in Cintas Martell we offer the anti-cellulite finish for our articles, mainly applied to elastic bands for orthopedic use and elastic bands that make up the garments to practice sports, whether they are leggings, t-shirts or sports bras.

Martell Protect Anti-Cellulite is a finish composed of a mixture of microencapsulated natural extracts, which gives our elastic anti-cellulite properties for the skin, helping to eliminate cellulite and preventing the formation of new adipocytes. The formulation of the active ingredient is designed from a cosmetic point of view to improve the firmness of the skin and the texture of the so-called “orange peel”.

Martell Protect Anti-Cellulite is respectful with the environment, since it is based on plant extracts and vitamins of natural origin. Its active principle is released slowly thanks to its application with silicone microcapsules. The release system through microcapsules is used for active substances (natural extracts) made up of an outer membrane and a core. Its outer layer is made up of polymeric materials, in this case a wash-resistant silicone, and an inner core that contains the active material. The function of the membrane is to contain and protect the active material that constitutes the finish, and preserves it from external agents, releasing it in a controlled and gradual way during the use of the garment and with the absorption of human heat.

As it is encapsulated, Martell Protect Anti-Cellulite is solid when washed, so it is advisable to wash the garments by hand to prolong its effects for longer.

Martell Protect Anti-Cellulite meets the quality standards required by OEKO-TEX Standard 100.



Plain Elastic Monofilament ORT1505 Micro-fibra


Bicoloured Elastic Monofilament ORT1651 Burdeos 2


Bicoloured Elastic Monofilament ORT1651 Blue


Basic Elastic Waistband CC2045/40


Fancy Elastic Waistband CC1939/22


Basic Elastic Waistband CC1709/40


Basic Elastic Waistband CC1548/40


Basic Elastic Waistband 425/60



The feeling of cold comes from the loss of body heat to a lower temperature environment (the human body is at a temperature of 36ºC). If we place an insulating barrier between the skin and the colder environment that surrounds it, and this barrier controls the transmission of heat to said environment, we will have found a solution to alleviate the feeling of cold that the body has.

On the contrary, one of the ways to eliminate heat that the human body possesses is through sweating and perspiration. If the thermal insulator does not allow the passage of water molecules from perspiration, this will be deposited on the skin, causing the well-known sensation of cold sweat.

In addition, we must not forget that an essential requirement in a textile garment with thermal insulation is its breathability.

The solution to avoid perspiration problems in our products is Martell Protect Thermal Insulation, a finish that allows control of body temperature and thermal insulation in sports and work protection garments.

Martell Protect Thermal Insulation is composed of a Phase Change Material (PCM) that allows the elastic to absorb energy (heat) when the temperature of the environment or body increases and is able to release it later when the temperature drops, therefore it helps to maintain a comfortable temperature for the body.

Martell Protect Thermal Insulation contains a biobased PCM obtained from renewable materials of plant origin. The aforementioned material changes from a solid to a liquid state and vice versa depending on the external temperature. The process of melting / crystallization occurs in the range of 20-30° C. The thermal resistance of the microencapsulate is excellent according to the TGA results obtained in a nitrogen atmosphere and a gradient of 10ºC / min. from 25 to 600ºC, where there is no appreciable thermal degradation up to 200ºC.

The microcapsule delivery system is used for active substances (natural extracts) composed by an outer membrane and a core. Its outer layer is made up of polymeric materials, in this case a wash-resistant silicone, and an inner core that contains the active material. The function of the membrane is to contain and protect the active material that constitutes the finish and preserves it from external agents.

The microcapsules remain solid despite the changes in the state of the material they contain inside. During fusion there is an absorption of heat and therefore a cooling; while when it solidifies, heat is released and therefore a heating is observed.

As it is encapsulated, Martell Protect Thermal Insulation is solid when washed, so it is advisable to wash clothes by hand to prolong its effects for a longer period.

Formaldehyde-free product that meets the quality standards required by GOTS, OEKO-TEX and BLUESIGN.



Plain Elastic Monofilament ORT1880


Bicoloured Elastic Monofilament ORT1651 Burdeos


Bicoloured Elastic Monofilament ORT1651 Blue 2


Bicoloured Elastic Monofilament ORT1117


Basic Elastic Waistband AL1305/50


Gros Grain Elastic Waistband CC2014/38


Fancy Elastic Waistband CC1939/22


Plain Breathable Elastic Band AL1777/45


Plain Elastic Monofilament AL1634/25

Aïllament Tèrmic


The first in this color palette are The Essentials, based on the desire for a clean and preserved existence. A naive, minimalist, romantic and functional existence.

There is an urgent need to be transparent and fair in the use of materials, throughout the production process and in working conditions.


An inclusive and diverse fashion is sought in all aspects: a good performance of the fabric, the shape,  the durability and with knowledge of the fibers.

Attractive and versatile clothing that adapts to the attitudes that preserve and save the bioeconomy.

The woman of the 21st century is concerned about health and the effects that some garments of oppression may produce. Bra innovation is urgently needed; taking as a reference all the elements of sports bras to reinvent traditional bra.

Cintas-Martell-The Colours_Skin-2

The possibility is opened for designers to come together and work as a team, providing knowledge, ideas and materials.

A new generation of bras is born that combine technology and charm, due to the strong demand for comfort, elasticity, breathability and health, resulting in a fusion of sport bra innovation and lightweight prettiness of lingerie.

During confinement, the best-selling garments were pajamas, which offer comfortable, timeless and quality shapes; and the new generation of bras based on the performance of the sports bra, have led to the design of light and beautiful lingerie.

There is a strong demand for refined comfort that is leading to a unique lace design, where modern comfort is combined with the most iconic elements of lingerie.

A concept of acceptance of our differences, pride in our cultural heritage and the colors of our skin has been developed.

The essential for each body has emerged in 5 different skin tones, which are the new generation shapewear.

The Colours_Skin_web

In summary, the pandemic situation we are experiencing has led us to focus on intensive studies in support of healthy breasts, in combination with new technologies and the use of technique in fabrics and finishes. To be tested on cross-supported fabrics and compression and overlap zones.

In addition to the seamless, invisible heat seal, the emphasis is on construction refinements, combining high technology, strength and elegance. There is a strong demand for sustainable items.

Cintas-Martell-The Colours_Skin

The perception of sweet pastel colors, especially pink, has changed, becoming defined as casual and functional in combination with exquisite fabrics and details. The new basics are now multipurpose.

New proportions appear for leisure at home. Reflections on sustainability focus on natural and cellulose yarns; and a demand for transparency in terms of durable properties is reaffirmed.

Fabrics: modal, cotton and nylon.




Plain Elastic Edging RC1861/20


Fancy Elastic Waistband CC1939/22


Basic Elastic Waistband CC1548/40


Basic Elastic Bra Strap TC1276/12


Edging Elastic Plain RC1876/6



Our win to innovate and in the current pandemic situation, from Cintas Martell we do not stop in our fight to struggle fight against the coronavirus, developing this time elastic and rigid ribbons with an antimicrobial finishing. With the efforts of our R&D Department, we have developed a new collection of anti-COVID-19 elastic tapes under the name of Martell Protect.

Taking care of hand washing and the continuous use of masks and hydroalcoholic gel seem not to be enough, because the viruses continue to deposit on any surface, making their expansion possible.

The new Martell Protect collection is made up of a selection of elastic tapes intended for both the medical-health sector and the textile manufacturing sector in general. This collection is made with treated yarns that inactivate all types of microbes and even viruses such as Covid-19, maintaining the elasticity and design properties of each tape without this finishing compromises its qualities.

Given the great concern of our society to keep ourselves protected at all times, at Cintas Martell we want to focus our efforts on the most exposed sectors: medical and health personnel, messengers, dependents, caregivers, educators, public sector workers, etc.

The Martell Protect collection is characterized by having a compound based on benzalkonium chloride, an aesthetically invaluable feature, although it is from the point of view of maximum protection and an efficiency of up to 99.98%. Its resistance is guaranteed up to 100 washes at a temperature not exceeding 40º. This compound is effective against viruses (including Covid-19), fungi, bacteria and yeasts, avoiding unpleasant smells and maintaining the hygiene of the tape and its freshness for a longer period. As they are articles made with elastic, it is recommended not to use a tumble dryer as it is used to in this type of manufacture.

There is a before and after the pandemic that affects the behavior and concerns of our society. So we consider that all the articles that grant us guarantee and protection will help us cope with the consequences of the coronavirus with a little more peace of mind.

With the Martell Protect collection, we intend to bring our little grain of sand in the battle against the Covid-19 virus, offering our customers the possibility of complementing their products by following the latest trends and changes in habits.

The active principle used in the Martell Protect collection is approved by the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), is also registered in REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances) and is listed as an exempt compound from the substances of the SVCH list (List of substances restricted by the EU).



Jacquard Elastic Waistband CJ1485.40


Basic Elastic Cord AL2102.5_Mask


Basic Elastic Cord AL2023.3


Elastic Tape and Breathable Elastic Velcro AL2025.20


Elastic Tape RJ1809.20


Elastic Tape AL2111.15LF


Elastic Tape AL2021.20

Antibacterià Anti Covid-19


Rumors about the need for reinvention in the lingerie and intimate textiles sector in general have been transformed into powerful voices that shout the importance of this change finally coming to be at the level of our society.

Consumers are under the influence of e-commerce, and e-commerce is winning the battle over retail.

The pandemic has helped accelerate this change, and it is making instantaneous our way of communicating and relating to each other.

For Cintas Martell, to visit our clients and present them the new collections and novelties, to comment with them how their products evolve in this new situation, the need to develop new articles, to be able to know their concerns … and everything in the distance, without the personal contact that this pandemic forces us to avoid, has been a new challenge for our entire team.

For this reason and to continue offering our clients our support in this new situation, we have created our Renaissance collection, based on overcoming such an exceptional moment that the whole world is experiencing.

From the highest spheres of the intimate clothing sector, confinement has been used to study in depth the extreme situation that must be reversed, for which a series of urgent needs to adapt to this new era are proposed.

  • Need for INNOVATION in the design of traditional bras, reaction to the request for inclusivity, comfort and morphological diversity.
  • Need to substantially improve ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS with real solutions and improved communication.
  • Need to REDESIGN the way lingerie products are displayed in stores to allow additional cross-lifestyle assortments.
  • Need for REDUCTION in PRODUCTION to adapt to new start-ups that inject novelty.
  • Need to introduce HYBRID CLASSIFICATIONS in the color developments, in the properties of the fabrics and in the final presentation of the product.

Cintas Martell wants to collaborate in this change, initiating a series of proposals and trends that will be reflected day by day and in direct communication with our clients digitally. The beginning: the new “Renaissance” collection.


A new trend: digital creation colors.

The color palette selected for the Summer 2022 collection and suggested by Eurovet focuses on the essential, without shock effects or experiments, in which the most inspiring colors in history have been chosen.

The tones proposed in this palette perfectly express the need for harmony, which coincides with the reality of a different market with poorly defined seasons.


This new range of colors can be read in two directions: palettes of dominant tones vertically and colors of shades of the same atmosphere as the dominant ones, horizontally.



Finally, the January edition of the Interfilière Salon that takes place every year in Paris, will be 100% virtual from 15 to 26 February 2021, where we have presented our new collection “Renaissance”.

Cintas Martell, at the forefront in elastic and rigid tapes

Cintas Martell, at the forefront in elastic and rigid tapes


When all the firms were committed to opening up markets and production plants in Asia and to importing most part of products from there, the pandemic caused by the coronavirus arrives and suddenly, we realized the immeasurable value of the national industrial fabric. Suddenly China stops being the main supplier of everything and we look inward to discover firms like Cintas Martell, a family business with more than 45 years of experience and with a deep social and human responsibility that, in front of the crisis of the Covid19, has been able to put all its “know-how” and productive capacity at the service of our society, developing a line of special elastics for masks and IPE’s.


Traditional manufacturer of customized woven tapes (both elastic and rigid), Martell is characterized by being in constant movement and always open to continuous changes and market trends. This has helped to adapt its production to current needs, focused on a strong demand for individual protection equipment (IPEs) both nationally and internationally.

Its R&D department has created special elastics that stand high temperatures, specialsanitizing and disinfection treatments for the healthcare area, while meeting the highest quality standards, supported by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.  Thus, the business set of the textile sector that has been reinvented with this pandemic, can have the right raw materials to produce new safety and personal protection products, without having to look for it beyond our borders.



In addition to these products of rabid actuality, in the catalogue of Martell Tapes we also find an extensive range of tapes made with different materials, such as polyester, polyamide, cotton, rayon, elastomer, latex, jute, lamé, etc., being able to develop new articles according to the needs and indications of each client. Furthermore these items, can be dyed in any color and with different finishings, so the customization is complete in order to satisfy any requirement.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the firm allocates part of its production to donations to non-profit organizations of our society.

Elastics to fight Covid-19

Elastics to fight Covid-19

The Covid-19 virus has wreaked havoc on our society. They have put to the test the health policies of all the countries around the world and of our society in general, including companies and the entire industrial net.

In our R&D Department we wanted to put our knowledge at the service of society, creating special elastics in record time. These elastics can stand high temperatures and special sanitization and disinfection treatments for the health sector, while meeting the highest quality and comfort standards, supported by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.