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Rumors about the need for reinvention in the lingerie and intimate textiles sector in general have been transformed into powerful voices that shout the importance of this change finally coming to be at the level of our society.

Consumers are under the influence of e-commerce, and e-commerce is winning the battle over retail.

The pandemic has helped accelerate this change, and it is making instantaneous our way of communicating and relating to each other.

For Cintas Martell, to visit our clients and present them the new collections and novelties, to comment with them how their products evolve in this new situation, the need to develop new articles, to be able to know their concerns … and everything in the distance, without the personal contact that this pandemic forces us to avoid, has been a new challenge for our entire team.

For this reason and to continue offering our clients our support in this new situation, we have created our Renaissance collection, based on overcoming such an exceptional moment that the whole world is experiencing.

From the highest spheres of the intimate clothing sector, confinement has been used to study in depth the extreme situation that must be reversed, for which a series of urgent needs to adapt to this new era are proposed.

  • Need for INNOVATION in the design of traditional bras, reaction to the request for inclusivity, comfort and morphological diversity.
  • Need to substantially improve ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS with real solutions and improved communication.
  • Need to REDESIGN the way lingerie products are displayed in stores to allow additional cross-lifestyle assortments.
  • Need for REDUCTION in PRODUCTION to adapt to new start-ups that inject novelty.
  • Need to introduce HYBRID CLASSIFICATIONS in the color developments, in the properties of the fabrics and in the final presentation of the product.

Cintas Martell wants to collaborate in this change, initiating a series of proposals and trends that will be reflected day by day and in direct communication with our clients digitally. The beginning: the new “Renaissance” collection.


A new trend: digital creation colors.

The color palette selected for the Summer 2022 collection and suggested by Eurovet focuses on the essential, without shock effects or experiments, in which the most inspiring colors in history have been chosen.

The tones proposed in this palette perfectly express the need for harmony, which coincides with the reality of a different market with poorly defined seasons.


This new range of colors can be read in two directions: palettes of dominant tones vertically and colors of shades of the same atmosphere as the dominant ones, horizontally.



Finally, the January edition of the Interfilière Salon that takes place every year in Paris, will be 100% virtual from 15 to 26 February 2021, where we have presented our new collection “Renaissance”.

Cintas Martell, at the forefront in elastic and rigid tapes

Cintas Martell, at the forefront in elastic and rigid tapes


When all the firms were committed to opening up markets and production plants in Asia and to importing most part of products from there, the pandemic caused by the coronavirus arrives and suddenly, we realized the immeasurable value of the national industrial fabric. Suddenly China stops being the main supplier of everything and we look inward to discover firms like Cintas Martell, a family business with more than 45 years of experience and with a deep social and human responsibility that, in front of the crisis of the Covid19, has been able to put all its “know-how” and productive capacity at the service of our society, developing a line of special elastics for masks and IPE’s.


Traditional manufacturer of customized woven tapes (both elastic and rigid), Martell is characterized by being in constant movement and always open to continuous changes and market trends. This has helped to adapt its production to current needs, focused on a strong demand for individual protection equipment (IPEs) both nationally and internationally.

Its R&D department has created special elastics that stand high temperatures, specialsanitizing and disinfection treatments for the healthcare area, while meeting the highest quality standards, supported by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.  Thus, the business set of the textile sector that has been reinvented with this pandemic, can have the right raw materials to produce new safety and personal protection products, without having to look for it beyond our borders.



In addition to these products of rabid actuality, in the catalogue of Martell Tapes we also find an extensive range of tapes made with different materials, such as polyester, polyamide, cotton, rayon, elastomer, latex, jute, lamé, etc., being able to develop new articles according to the needs and indications of each client. Furthermore these items, can be dyed in any color and with different finishings, so the customization is complete in order to satisfy any requirement.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the firm allocates part of its production to donations to non-profit organizations of our society.

Elastics to fight Covid-19

Elastics to fight Covid-19

The Covid-19 virus has wreaked havoc on our society. They have put to the test the health policies of all the countries around the world and of our society in general, including companies and the entire industrial net.

In our R&D Department we wanted to put our knowledge at the service of society, creating special elastics in record time. These elastics can stand high temperatures and special sanitization and disinfection treatments for the health sector, while meeting the highest quality and comfort standards, supported by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.

What is the elastic tape?

What is the elastic tape?

The elastic band is a flat and narrow fabric with characteristics of elasticity. Elasticity designates the mechanical property of the tape to undergo reversible deformations when it is subjected to the action of an external force, and to recover its original shape if this external force is eliminated.

Its structure can be smooth, double-decker, double-faced, tubular or jacquard. Its main use is as a complement to textiles: clothes accessories, cuff reinforcement, piping, bras, underwear, swimsuits, socks, waistbands, corsets, shoes, sportswear, girdles, protective equipment for the health sector, labor protection equipment, sports equipment in general, handicrafts, office supplies and graphic arts, industrial supplies, household items and home textiles, furniture, etc.

MARTELL Philosophy

We move forward with you towards a more technical and sustainable future.

The global textile industry needs radical innovation and restructuring. Environmental threats and the need for sustainable practices are challenging the global value chain, textile design and production as we know it today. It is an area of great complexity and great challenges for our industry. The transition to a sustainable industry is a priority in MARTELL’s strategy.

We are in an era where sustainability, new technologies in manufacturing, digitalization and change in consumer behaviour must be the core of every business model that requires a great deal of adaptation effort. We want to make companies and the public in general aware of the possibilities of radical changes that are approaching and that push us to grow and innovate responsibly.



MARTELL unifies experience with future technology.

Being leaders requires innovation. And innovation requires technique and experience related with new technologies. Through the development of products using cutting-edge materials, as well as the implementation of individual solutions, MARTELL proves the fact of being by the side of its customers, meeting expectations effectively and efficiently.

Thus, MARTELL answers to the particular needs of each client, working side by side with them to create products that give them successful solutions. From the development phase, we work to capture the needs of the customer in order to develop and offer the right solution that will become a very high quality product.

The basis for achieving our high goals of technological development is based on the selection of the best quality and innovation in the materials we use, in the modernization of our machinery, in a “know how” of high experience and in the responsible use of resources.



MARTELL and its commitment to the planet

Our vision is fuelled by the change for progress, searching for a fully sustainable future in which the goals of quality and customer satisfaction are maintained, with a firm commitment to eco-efficiency in all our products.

We are part of a movement of change that protects our planet, and we work to achieve a production based on the optimal use of natural resources, without using ecologically harmful products.



Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification is the world’s leading eco-label for textiles. These products have been evaluated and certified by internationally recognized institutes. In addition, with this certification, the consumer is guaranteed that the textile products have been analysed to control health harmful substances.

They can be certified from threads, fabrics, ready-made items, accessories as well as foams, etc. There are two supplements in the Standard 100: The Special Items Supplement and the PPE Supplement, PPE’s materials as well as military clothing and uniforms similar to PPE’s.

Do Martell Tape products have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification?

Yes, all our products have been manufactured under this certification since 2005 and is continuously renewed every year.

In order to obtain the OEKO-TEX® certificate, the products of Cintes Martell are submitted to different tests: tests and methods of analysis with a scientific basis that guarantee that, throughout the manufacturing process of our products, no harmful chemicals are used, nor with the materials used.

These controls consider globally all substances harmful, including those not regulated yet by the law, those under REACH (European Chemicals Regulation) and many environmentally relevant substances.

In order to obtain the OEKO-TEX® certificate, it is necessary to submit to a strict analysis and pass a whole list of results required by Oeko Tex. Not only the materials used are analysed, but also the applicant company, the quality assurance and the production process. In order to obtain and guarantee a high quality product in terms of health and sustainability.

For Cintes Martell customers, this certification translates into safety and quality, confirming that none of our products will have harmful effects on health.