Being very demanding with ourselves makes of our goal to put our experience and technology at the disposal of our customers, in order to achieve perfection in the creation of new products and innovation in new and more technical fabrics, at the level of current markets.

At the same time, we are aware that effort and work in combination with knowledge and technology, and an ongoing contact with our customers and suppliers, can only result in the success of a project.

At MARTELL, we give priority to the improvement of the quality of our products, flexibility and the use of the most modern machinery in order to optimize processes.

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In addition to meeting the technical specifications and quality standards required by the EU for our products, MARTELL puts effort in obtaining a high level of training and qualification of staff, environmental protection, social responsibility and the creation and maintenance of mutual trust between MARTELL and our customers.

Both MARTELL Management and its employees are highly committed to working on our code of values in a professional and genuine manner. This code of values is characterized by the commitment of respect towards people and our planet.

MARTELL, the experience by the hand of technology.



MARTELL Philosophy

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